Alumni Peer Group Coaching

What is Peer Group Coaching?
Nyenrode uses Alumni Peer Group Coaching (PGC) within the EMBA, IMBA and full time MSC programs to build a group of supportive and bonded students and to familiarize them with, and strengthen their individual coaching skills. A group of 4-6 students come together, each one bringing something they find challenging during their study, career  or in personal life. Through the process of PGC, each student gains fresh ideas on their challenges, and the stimulation of considering what others are facing. In the process, a strong learning community and network is created.
Why does Nyenrode use Peer Group Coaching?
PGC is used to create a learning community and to teach students communication and coaching skills. PGC is part of the courses provided by the Career & Personal Development center. Career and personal development has always formed an essential part of Nyenrode’s education, and Nyenrode is renowned for  ‘building characters’. This feature is intrinsic in the Nyenrode culture: developing attitudes and values are in our veins and DNA more than in our curricula. Nowadays we need to it take further, into the classroom: career and personal development is firmly positioned within our programs, and in most of our masters’ forms some 10% of the entire curriculum.

Alumni involvement
Peer Group Coaching at Nyenrode is facilitated by alumni to strengthen links between current and former students, to create community learning, and to expose students to the business and personal experiences of our alumni. At the same time, alumni are in touch with the new generation of Nyenrode students and the exciting world in which they live, seeing some big differences but also a lot of similarities to ‘the old days’. A facilitator facilitates the group learning process and when needed gives input and feedback.
In addition to Peer Group Coaching, Nyenrode offers several other possibilities for the involvement of alumni in our programs, such as mentoring and coaching, training or sharing your (business) experiences. 

Who are we looking for?
Alumni who:
  • preferably have a degree in one of the above mentioned programs (EMBA, IMBA and MSc)
  • have a sincere interest in developing people in a professional manner.  Experience in coaching is not necessarily needed
  • are eager to develop themselves and their skills and knowledge in this field of interest
  • are willing to share their experience of life
  • have a good command of the English language
  • are committed to attending all 5 PGC sessions, during the period January- August.
  • Sessions are scheduled in the evening hours and on campus. The sessions are already scheduled, availability on these dates is requested.

What can you expect from Nyenrode?

  • Two intensive training sessions provided by Nyenrode Executive Education & Organizational Development staff 
  • Personal support in between the PGC sessions if needed
  • Involvement in the students’ programs, through invitation for interesting lectures
  • Facilitating connections with other alumni facilitators
What next?
Are you interested in sharingyour life experience with our students?  Please send your CV, and your answers to the questions below:
  • What would you bring our students by facilitating PGC?
  • What do you want to get out of your role as an alumni facilitator?
To ensure your objectives and ours are aligned,  we would like to have a personal meeting where we can discuss mutual expectations and any questions you may have. Following the two training sessions, we will together  discuss if and with which group you will start as a facilitator

Please send your application to Willem van Donge,
Please contact Willem van Donge, Head Career and Personal Development if you have any questions, or +31 (0) 346 291 723.

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