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Nyenrode's Alumni Association VCV was founded in 1957 as a logical continuance of the NCV. The alumni felt the need to treasure the close bond they had built during their studies. They wanted to keep the feeling the unique experience of studying and living together at the estate alive. The VCV distinguishes itself from other alumni associations in many ways: it is the largest and strongest association, which is independent from the university and has its own regulations and finances.
The VCV is founded to offer activities both in the professional as in the social field, and not just to network or to attract funding for the universities, as is the case in most other alumni associations. Herman Bruggink, former president of Nyenrode, honorary member of the VCV and board member of the Nyenrode Foundation: "the alumni association is key to Nyenrode's very existence. Nyenrode will only exist if its network thinks it should exist."

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