Career & Personal Development Center

The Career & Personal Development Center provides service and assistance in career development and employment to full-time students during and at the conclusion of their studies. Part-time students are typically in employment, but also have full access to tools and counseling on an ‘upon request’ basis, as do our alumni. 
Our aim is to assist you in realizing your goals by laying down a solid foundation for  your career management skills. In addition to this we create a platform which enables you to meet potential future employers. Our Career and Personal Development program is structured around the job search process and is divided into three phases: Know Yourself, know the job market, get the job. 
The CPD Center’s mission is to provide students with the tools and skills to develop themselves and their career (whether that means a new job, to grow in their existing organization or start a new business). In that capacity it is also a platform for contact with corporate relations, alumni and the Nyenrode business community as a whole. The CPD program and activities for targeted student groups are integrated as much and as early as possible in the curriculum to create awareness and an increased chance of success.
We are well aware of the fact that the success of Nyenrode depends on the success of our graduates. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to assess their interests, abilities and strengths in order to meet their individual career aspiration. Professional career guidance is available for these students through the CPD Center.
Our approach
Although most focus is placed on current students, the same broad range of facilities is also available to alumni. Further, career development specialists also work specifically with alumni through the alumni association, the Voortgezette Compagnie van Verre (VCV).
The CPD program offering is focused on delivering to (existing and former) students the tools and skills to pursue their career whether this is their first or next job, within their current organization or starting as an entrepreneur. In that light the CPD program offering is built with the job search process in mind and contains three phases:
  • Phase I: Get to know yourself (know who you are)
  • Phase II: Get to know the market (know what you want)
  • Phase III: Get the job (how you are going to get it)
Academic curriculum
The CPD program strives to integrate its activities as much as possible with the academic curriculum. MSc Students are granted one on one coaching by CPD staff in addition to coaching as part of the IMD course provided by LaPD. This counseling is offered on an upon-request basis.

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