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The Nyenrode Community consists of our students, our alumni, our corporate connections, our faculty and our staff. With an international network unique in its kind, the Nyenrode Community knows how to find each other for business, and for leisure.
Our students are united in the NCV and the VAS, our alumni are united in the VCV.
NCV, Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre, was founded in 1947, four months after the foundation of het Nederlands Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland, het N.O.I.B. The N.O.I.B. was tailored towards preparing young and talented Dutch men for a career abroad, with the ultimate goal of furthering the economy of the Netherlands. The foundation of the NCV, in 1947, was in collaboration with its honorably member and patron HRH Prins Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld. Since the founding a lot has changed at Nyenrode. Women were first allowed on campus in 1972, and the study program changed from BBA, to IDP, to MSc. Currently, studying at Nyenrode consists of three main pillars, which include study, student life and the NCV. Despite the changes in the past, the third pillar remained constant; the NCV has always remained strong, and remains to this date the important and valuable extension of both the Nyenrode study and campus life. The NCV is very important to Nyenrode, as it forms the foundation of the link between the students and the university. These students are educated to become important players in the business world, and are key to spread the word on the quality of Nyenrode’s education and its contribution to their career.
The official student association for the accountancy programs is called the VAS, which stands for Vereniging van Accountancy Studenten. Since 1971, the VAS concerns itself with the interests of accountancy students in general and the students of the Nyenrode accountancy programs in particular. The VAS offers support to students in a range of different areas. As a representative of student interests, the VAS has a seat in several consultative committees and task groups of Nyenrode’s accountancy programs. Also, the VAS has its own complaints coordinator. The coordinator forwards the complaints which he receives to the persons concerned and he sees to it that action is taken. The VAS offers its members the opportunity to order course books quickly and easily. Furthermore, members of the VAS receive the magazine ‘Achter the Komma’ (behind the comma) for free. The magazine contains information about the program, background stories on Nyenrode and on student life. Moreover, the VAS organizes all sorts of activities to strengthen the  bond amongst students and between students and the university. These activities include the introduction program for  new students, the annual student party, the so called Batavierenrace (a relay race over 175 km from Nijmegen to Enschede) and a sailing weekend.
Nyenrode Alumni VCV was founded in 1957 as a logical continuance of the NCV. The alumni felt the need to treasure the close bond they had built during their studies. They wanted to keep the feeling the unique experience of studying and living together at the estate alive. The VCV distinguishes itself from other alumni associations in many ways: it is the largest and strongest association, which is independent from the university and has its own regulations and finances. The VCV is founded to offer activities both in the professional as in the social field, and not just to network or to attract funding for the universities, as is the case in most other alumni associations. Herman Bruggink, former president of Nyenrode, and honorary member of the VCV: “the alumni association is key to Nyenrode’s very existence. Nyenrode will only exist if its network thinks it should exist.” ​

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