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Are you looking for the next generation of future proof business leaders? We are happy to assist you in your recruitment cycle. We have developed a special program which includes employer branding and recruitment opportunities: first you introduce your company to the students, then you get to know the students after which you are ready to recruit them. We look forward to welcoming you on our beautiful green campus and work closely with you throughout the academic year!

There are various options for recruiting our students and graduates for your company: 

Post a Graduation Assignment
Posting a graduation assignment, or so called Thesis Project, is a cost effective and multifunctional recruitment tool. It offers a low risk opportunity to see our MSc and IMBA students in action without the need for a significant financial investment. At the same time your company obtains help for solving a real-life business challenge.
Post a Job
The quickest way to inform the MSc and IMBA students about exciting and challenging job opportunities is to contact Career and personal development. Career and personal development will place the vacancy on the student portal and LinkedIn and sent an e-mail to the students. Students can respond directly to the company. As the academic year progresses and students are getting closer to their graduation the vacancies becomes more and more relevant to them.
The best timeframe for you to post your vacancies is between August and February: a period that covers few months before and after graduation. Click here to post a job. Before posting an offer you will be asked to create an account, this takes about five minutes. Once the account is created you can efficiently add new offers, follow the progression and modify or archive offers independently.
Company Presentations
A branded company evening is a great way for your company to present itself to the MSc and IMBA students at Nyenrode. During this evening which is dedicated to your organization, you can tell the students more about the nature of your business, the management trainee and management development programs and the procedures and timelines for the requirement of candidates.

From formal sessions to informal gatherings and networking in a casual setting, we can help you to promote your organization in the sort of setting that works best for you. The best time for Company Presentations is from January through May when the students are in their orientation phase of the job search process.

Company Workshops
During these workshops we offer your organization the possibility to present to a select group of students interactively and on a topic that is relevant to both your organization and the students. For example talent identification, core quadrant competences or industry specific interviewing skills.

On Campus Interviews
Focus your recruitment activities into an interview session(s) with selected students, arranged and hosted for you on the Nyenrode campus.

Career Event
Our annual Career Event is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet and recruit Nyenrode's MSc in Management and International MBA students. The Career Event has an interactive atmosphere, allowing you to meet many candidates while at the same time offering you the possibility of employer branding. The next Career Event will take place on Friday 20 October 2017.

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